The desire to excel, the thirst to deliver, the vision to empower the nation - all energies synthesized into a conglomerate that in financial terms now crosses 200 million USD. That in short is the precise footprint of the Goyal Group.

The Group was an idea that fructified early in 1960's under the able leadership of Late Bishan Dayal Goyal with the vision to enhance the nation's capability in the manufacture of high quality steel right from iron ore Processing to finished products.

Diversifying into plastic Wares, the group is outspacing competition in Plastic Disposables with excellence and inherent professionalism in its journey towards tomorrow.

BDG as a premier manufacturer of Iron and Steel is today a benchmark across the region and acts as the major supplier to Central and State Govt. agencies, not forgetting vital inroads across the globe.


To make a commitment to abiding values and strive towards a dedicated well defined performing team. To create an exemplary company that believes in transparent growth for all its Stakeholders. To make substantial efforts to leverage internal competences. To initiate multiple drivers of growth to synergise economic, ecological and social aspects as part of our unified corporate ethos.


To create enduring value for the corporate body within a stipulated time frame. To drive towards sustainable livelihoods and replenish our environmental resources. To pay attention to sustainable and inclusive growth. To deliver ecological and social capital as lasting values. Steps already taken include Water Utilisation and Recycling. Systems in place include Harvesting Plants, Slag Crushing Machines that crush Iron Ore & Coal Fines - for material much needed for proper roads and other all round development work. The vision is poised to address societal value creation for sustainable livelihoods. We wish to empower local communities with environmental value and transparency in all matters close to their hearts.

Social Responsibility

Touching Lives, Reaching Out

The corporate needs to protect, nurture, build and innovate through CSR activation.

Social matters already taken up include upliftment through medical help - medicines, ambulance and a free Homeopathic Clinic. Followed by donations to hospitals and distribution of school books. Not forgetting free distribution of warm blankets during the winter season and participation at all Social Events. Plantation of trees remain a long cherished desire practised at all levels. Our CSR reflects the value created at large for society. Efforts that reach deep into our employee mindsets.